Social Impact Plan

Our pledge is to “To make a difference to children and families living and working in fear of Poverty”, this pledge unpins all of our Social Outcomes.

KLAS Care gives priority to families living within postcode areas that are at most risk of living in poverty and use the SIMD index to measure this. With an aim to offer at least 50% of childcare spaces to children that fall within the targeted areas, a balance is made between running a sustainable business and making a difference to people’s future. Reaching out to these areas is done through links with schools, families first, community groups and Renfrewshire Council.

The registration process of gathering postcodes and looking at the advantages that childcare could offer families is made possible with a the USP of KLAS Care’s;  pricing structure, payment plans and only paying for the childcare that is needed and used. There are, however penalties if pre-booked places are not cancelled.

Our vision and pledge for the future is “To build a strong community hub that will not only provide childcare to tackle poverty, but look at health and wellbeing in equalities and boost the economy”. This is the added value that KLAS Care will bring to the community.

Above is a thank you letter from Young Person’s Guarantee for our support in providing young people an opportunity for employment and training within KLAS Care.

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