KLAS Care History

As a parent, Lesley has personally experienced the struggles that young families in Renfrewshire face due to the lack of accessible childcare. A registered childminder with a degree in Childhood Practice, Lesley set up KLAS Care, which aims to reduce the amount of families living in poverty in the Renfrewshire area through the provision of affordable and flexible childcare enabling parents to access education, training or employment.

 KLAS Care delivers additional social benefits by reinvesting profits in subsidising fees for low-income families, allowing inclusive access to the service; they also provide accredited training to volunteers.

Initially launched in 2010, as a partnership business between Lesley and Kirsty based in their home town of Linwood.  KLAS Care became a social enterprise in 2014 and was on Round 4 of our LaunchMe programme. Lesley received the social investment, and match funding, she required to open her new premises to expand the business.

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