Spaces in our Johnstone facility are manged with a 2 tier consideration: 1st tier; is there space in the facility, 2nd tier; is there space on the mode of transport used to pick children up from neighbouring schools i.e Fordbank, Cochrane Castle, St’Davids, The Thorn Primary School and St’Anthony’s school.
The facility has a specific number of children that can attend on anyone day, transporting children also has a specific adult – children ratio that is specified and governed by Care Inspectorate. We must always adhere to this part of the legislation as it reflects the safety of your children. Spaces do become available throughout the year, but we do annual allocation of spaces in April prior to the start of the August school term.
The allocation of spaces is as follows:
Priority is given to siblings
All other spaces are allocated on requested days and what school the child attends i.e we may have a space in the facility but no space on the mode of transport.
We hold a waiting list and all of the factors above are taken into account.

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